Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 Sources

My five sources that I’m investigating are the following…
  1.     Psychology Among The Saints: The Development of Behavioral Science At Brigham Young University by Bruce L. Brown and Mark Allen. In this paper written it talks about the coming of the behavioral school of psychology and how it affected the students and was incorporated into the Mormon doctrine of the school.
  2.  The Hills Ahead: The Place of Dialogue in the BYU Community by Bruce L. Brown And Warren E. Icke. This paper written talks of the effect of the evolution theory here at BYU. It talks of teachers who taught in such a way as to destroy the faith of the students, even causing most to stop praying. This will be really helpful to my paper as it shows a really good example of a little science destroying faith in God for these students.
  3. Religion and Science by Bertrand Russell is a very good source for coming to know about the issue. He talks about how these two have come to be the arch rivals that they are. He talks of many different specific examples of each attacking the other. 
  4. this website talks of the opinions of Einstein on religion and science. It shows that he was a very religious man and had no real desire to destroy faith.  
  5. makes the point in which there aren’t many divides between science and religion and how the two actually coexist. This will help me get a feel for the other side of the argument.  To allow me to enhance my argument.

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  1. Ya know, my sister really likes this topic. She looked at a book by Henry Eyring that had something to do with it, but she said it wasn't that great. I think it's awesome that you're writing about how science and religions actually work together rather than against each other. Thumbs up, mate!